MassMutual New Jersey - NYC

    A unique office from the start, we were formed from the ground up in 1998. Dedicated to our staff, financial professionals, and most of all, our clients, we have grown into over 130 professionals with representatives across the nation.

    MassMutual New Jersey - NYC

    Built from the ground up, it's our staff and financial professionals that make the difference. Our nation-wide locations afford us the opportunity to create a diverse work environment filled with culture and community. From individuals looking for a rewarding career, new financial professionals searching for the right fit or seasoned professionals that need to break through all barriers...we have positions for you!

    MassMutual New Jersey - NYC

    Diversity stands for everything and everyone. It is a value, a symbol of communities and cultures, beliefs, and opinions there are in the world. In every work or business setting, cultural diversity plays a significant role in making the work environment stronger and more effective.

    Women in motion!

    Having more women in the workplace actually makes our organization a better place to work, for people of all genders. Empowering and supporting women is who are and what we do.

    Giving Back!

    Click the link below to learn more about our community involvement.

    Michael Vesuvio

    Michael Vesuvio

    General Agent


    “We provide an office environment that fosters success. If you are someone looking to join our team or if you are a current client or future client, we look to aspire greatness in all that we touch!”

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    Complement your own financial goals with a career that is tied to the time and energy you invest. Explore a career with MassMutual New Jersey - NYC and learn how we can help you achieve success in a career helping others.

    MassMutual New Jersey-NYC

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